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  1. Ghillie

    January Forum Comp - American Pale Ales

    Hello all, First off wishing everyone at the HBF a very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year! I understand this thread is early, but with everyone being busy over the festivities, etc - I'd be as well posting it in good time, ahead of schedule. As per tradition, feel free to post what you like...
  2. beerison

    LAGER THAN LIFE competition is coming back in 2020

    LAGER THAN LIFE is now open for entries! Head here to register and add your entry: The original UK lager-only homebrew competition is coming back in March 2020 courtesy of London Amateur Brewers and Pillars Brewery! A competition...
  3. Ghillie

    Robobrew Users Competition

    Hello guys, For those of you who use a Robobrew, I'm hopefully going to be running a competition via Facebook's "Robobrew/Brewzilla - UK/EU Users Group" which can be found here: **This is a closed group so you will have to...
  4. beerison

    "Lager Than Life" Lager-only competition - NOW LIVE!

    LAGER THAN LIFE is open for entries! First UK lager-only homebrew competition is coming in March 2019 courtesy of LAB! What’s “Lager Than Life” you ask? It’s a homebrew competition for beers fermented with only lager yeast (bottom-fermenting) and which were traditionally lagered. An Awards...
  5. geigercntr

    Sending competition entries: recommended courier?

    Hi all, I'm hoping to enter some competitions this year for the first time. Hopefully get some useful feedback on my brews. I suspect this has been asked before, but nothing came back on my search. Can you good folk flag up any couriers you've had success with in delivering bottles for...