cornelius kegs

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  1. Get_Er_Brewed

    Corny Kegs Promotion - 19 litre,12 litre,9.5litre & 6.5 litre

    Hey We have 4 sizes of brand new premium quality corny kegs in stock and we have added a hefty discount on them You can find them in our kegging section online https://www.geterbrewed.com/complete-keg-sets-and-accessories/ Thanks Jonathan
  2. Obadiah Boondoggle

    Setting up a new Cornelius Keg

    Hello Everyone After many years brewing and bottling I have decided to go over to kegging using a new Keg Land Keg I asked for advice as to what kit to buy - I enjoy ales, and am not keen on gassy beers. I also like the beer at room temperature i.e. not chilled So I have bought a keg that...
  3. BenParr

    Homebrew Supplies - Yeast, Hops and Grain!

    Hi Everyone! I am Ben from www.KegThat.com and I would like to share my new homebrew supply store with you. We currently offer fully custom made to order wort chillers, Cornelius Kegs and taps. We offer a very competitive price on the Home brew sanitiser ChemSan. As of Monday, we will have...