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  1. markeemaark

    Melted airlock - Help!?

    Hi everyone. I am a new member here so this is my first post. I am desperate for answers to what has happened to my plum wine or more specifically, the airlocks. So my plum wine is now ready for bottling and this is the second batch I have made this year, however, I am now possibly at a point...
  2. Bearfoot Brewer

    What OG does 500g of light spray malt give in 4.5L

    I'm planning some small 4.5L brews fermented in demijohns and I'm intending on using just spray malt as the basis for my wort. Just trying to plan recipes and was looking for a reference point of what Original Gravity 500g of light spray malt would give when dissolved in 4.5 Litres of water...
  3. ewanGraham

    Smelly cider / help.

    Hey, I tried to make myself a pomegranate cider. I did 2.7 litre of pomegranate juice And probably roughly 2 litre of apple juice 100 gram of sugar Yeast nutrient Bulldog sweet cider yeast 4grams I added this all in on Sunday and let it bubble away once it had stopped I topped up with the...
  4. Bootcutboy

    Can I add different fruit/flavours in various demijohns to red wine brew kit please?

    Howdy folks, hope everyone is supping well and staying safe. I made a red wine kit a while back and am happy with the 30 bottles I have stored. I actually have a second one of the exact same kit to make ASAP as it is almost at its Best Before date. I don’t have another 30 empty bottles though...
  5. Bootcutboy

    Ideas and advice for different fruit/flavours to add to red wine brew kit please?

    Howdy folks, hope everyone is supping well and staying safe. I have a second 30bottle MYO red wine kit to start to make and because I don’t have another 30 empty bottles I am wanting to have a play about with flavour and rack it into 6 separate demijohns and then bottle later. My question is...
  6. Bootcutboy

    Can I temporarily store my wine in demijohns rather than bottles???

    Hi all, I’m a total wine brewing novice and I have my first ever 30 bottle wine kit to bottle up tomorrow, I also scored lucky with an Amazon glitch and got 36 bottles of red for £20, AND I still have another 30 bottle red wine kit to make before it goes out of date in June. I never thought...
  7. M

    I didn’t sieve

    Hello, newbie here and looking for some advice... I didn’t sieve or strain my pressed juice, for whatever reason I under estimated the amount of pulp. It’s now all in my demijohn and fermenting nicely. Can I rectify the pulp problem? Strain it now and carry on fermenting? It’s been going for a...
  8. Ghillie

    5L Demijohn Mini Cider Brews

    Hi guys, Planning doing some small experimental cider brews. The Mrs likes the stuff, but I don't really care for it. She also doesn't really drink enough to warrant me turning out 23L batches. So I was thinking about mini brews in a demijohn and bottle condition the end product. Might sound...
  9. ringmany

    Half full demijohn, will it cause issues in secondary fermentation?

    Hi everyone, I've been making some Plum wine. I've reached the secondary fermentation stage, so I've moved my wines into two, 1 gallon demijohns. There's less liquid than I thought there would be, so I wasn't able to fill the demijohn all the way. Here's a photo showing them both: So both...