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  1. Ajdpilot

    Beer engine with corny setup questions

    Hi Brewers, So I've just bought myself a nice new beer engine and was wondering about peoples experiences. My goal (as probably with most of us) is to mimic that perfect pub pulled pint as closely as possible but trying to prolong life for normal home drinking rather than the high turnover of...
  2. C

    IKEA Tillreda Induction Hob

    Hi all, Does anybody have any experience using the IKEA Tillreda (2,000W) induction hob for a larger batch size e.g. 25L+ pre boil volume? Looking to buy one as much cheaper than some alternatives, but a little concerned it will not be able to sufficiently boil such a volume. Any other...
  3. N

    New to brewing

    Hi All, After a few months of thinking about it I've decided to give home-brewing a go, this post is probably going to be long but I'd like to give as much info to people as possible in case anyone has any feedback for me, I've spent a lot of time watching videos and reading but still feel like...
  4. Not_so_brite

    Minimalist BIAB equipment list?

    I've now brewed a few batches in the starter kit that I first purchased, and am very much enjoying this new hobby. I'd like to invest in some equipment to allow me to increase the size from the current 5l batches to somewhere between 10 and 15l. I'd prefer stainless steel over plastic or glass...
  5. C

    Starter Equipment

    After thinking about it for a couple of months I finally have some spare cash to buy some equipment to start brewing with! I'm looking to jump straight into all-grain brewing and am looking for some advice. I planning on getting the Brooklyn Brew Shop BrewDog Elvis Juice kit...
  6. H

    Equipment question - Brandy, moonshine etc

    Post deleted by Admin. Distilling in the UK is illegal without a distilling licence therefore we don't allow its discussion here.
  7. TimXJR1300

    Barrels Bottles, Bubble Traps and Funky Buckets

    I have been researching or possibly over-thinking my re-entry into the home brewing circle. Many years ago, lest millennia somewhere I made some beer using a process that involved boiling things and making the house smell much better than the wet dog in the kitchen. I recall a big bucket with a...
  8. J

    Advice connecting SS Brewtech Brite Tank to CO2

    I'm trying to connect my new SS Brewtech Brite Tank (10 gallon size) to a CO2 cylinder. What I thought would be a simple affair is anything but. The CO2 regulator I have came with a John Guest 3/8 connector: https://www.themaltmiller.co.uk/product/premium-co2-regulator/ I'm using this line...
  9. B

    Additional equipment for a 50L system

    I’m looking at buying one of the 50l systems, most likely the Hopcat and want to bottle my beer initially. What additional equipment do I need? I’m struggling to get together an exact list but so far think I need: Chiller (comes with Hopcat) 2x 25l stainless steel fermenters with air locks...
  10. Lauren McDonald

    Newbie Equipment Question

    Hi, So I’ve just bought some equipment and looking forward to my first brew day (hopefully next week). Done a lot of research and feel relatively ready to start but just want to check something about my new equipment. So I have a mash tun, a stock pot and what I assumed was a HLT to begin...
  11. darlacat

    Advice needed on Buffalo boiler: thermal cutoff, etc...

    Disclaimer: I'm aware that there are ca. 15m discussions on modifying Buffalo boilers, but I'm not quite finding the answer to my problem. So here it goes... I recently purchased a Buffalo GL349 (https://www.nisbets.co.uk/buffalo-manua ... iler/gl349), only to find out - while brewing - that it...