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  1. J

    Long fermentation of all grain

    Hi I've recently brewed my first all grain (stove top style) kit. Had a lot of activity with the fermentation within the first few days. But 4 weeks on, it looks like it is still fizzing. By that, I mean theres still small bubbles being released. Is this normal? As it's in a demijohn I can see...
  2. Shaft

    DIY Fermentation Cabinet

    I've been using a =08cc024c79e024f9dfed5f5c5f0290c2']30l Klarstein Fermentation kettle, along with their immersion cooler lid, which includes a temperature probe slot to monitor fermentation temps. I use an electronic thermostat which monitors temp ranges and switches on one of two plug sockets...
  3. J

    Can cider remain in bucket after fermentation?

    My cider seems to be coming to the end of the fermentation. Yesterday it was 1.011 and very little bubbling was visible this morning. However, I made a mistake with my initial equipment order and won’t get my syphon until Monday. Is it okay to leave it in the bucket for a couple of days or...
  4. BeerBrain83

    Dry hops for black IPA

    Hi everyone, I've just finished my first all grain brew, which is a black ipa, and its in the fermenter. I was wondering after how long you add the dry hops and any recommendations for what to add?
  5. J

    First time brewing..

    Hey all, This is my first brew I've done and I went with the recommendations to do an extract kit. I went with Coopers Canadian Blonde (made with 1kg of dextrose.) The instructions said it would be done fermenting in about a week. Yesterday (one week in fv) I checked the gravity and it was at...
  6. Roaryt123

    Made ginger beer,its been 3 hours with no bubbles

    Hi guys! I had a go at brewing ginger beer today, I followed the recipe but added some extra sugar to make it stronger. It's been over 3 hours since adding the yeast, stirring and sealing the lid and airlock. I still havent seen any bubbles pass through the airlock, is this normal? Have I...
  7. Bootcutboy

    Ideas and advice for different fruit/flavours to add to red wine brew kit please?

    Howdy folks, hope everyone is supping well and staying safe. I have a second 30bottle MYO red wine kit to start to make and because I don’t have another 30 empty bottles I am wanting to have a play about with flavour and rack it into 6 separate demijohns and then bottle later. My question is...
  8. L

    Startin simple and want some advice

    I like to do many things from scratch. I grow my own vegetables. I can food. I make my own jerkey. I sew. I try to fix things I have. If I had unlimited funds/space, I'd have kilns, I'd melt metal, create plastics, etc. I'd love to build my own home. But I have limited skills in many...
  9. Bootcutboy

    Best type of airlock/blow off for Make your own red wine kit

    Ok so I have a brew fridge set up and I’ve just brewed a batch of Wilko Cerveza lager without an airlock, I just used foil over the airlock hole. My next brew is a Make Your Own Red Wine kit from the Range and it is also my first ever wine brew. I have read up about the kit on here and it...
  10. DixeySJ

    Specific Gravity rising

    Santa gave me a Tilt Hydrometer and with my current brew (a dark mild) I have been able to monitor the SG and temperature remotely. For the first week, I was pleased to see the SG falling steadily towards the estimated target, but in the last few days it has started to go up again! OG was...
  11. DCBC

    Heating a brewery

    I hope this is the right place to post this. It is I think technically about equipment. My brewery is a modified garden office with a cold water supply and electrics. It has double glazing and insulated walls and it has, so far, managed to maintain about 2oC even when it has been -6 outside. I...
  12. T

    Spraymalt, enhancer or brewing sugar? 1 can kits

    Hi guys, What are your recommendations for 1 can kits? Can I use 1kg of dry Spraymalt on it's own instead of 1kg brewing sugar? To get a maximum flavor. Or it's better to mix the spraymalt with sugar? If so, then what are the proportions? Enhancer? Is it good idea to use it? What is the...
  13. J

    Lots of yeast activity, nothing in the airlock

    Hello, I just brewed a DIPA (all grain) and 36 hours after I have no activity in the airlock. I can see lots of activity in the fermenter itself - particles swimming around like crazy - there’s a real party going on in there! Just nothing in the bubbler. Anyone any ideas what, if anything might...
  14. Bootcutboy

    Hydrometer broken? And is Wilko brew sugar ok for priming?

    Hi all I have my first lager brewing, a Wilkos Light lager 4% kit, which has just stopped bubbling and has been at 1.014 for a couple days, I am hoping it still goes down further as it is only 3.3% at present, I’d probably be able to drink the entire FV worth in one sitting at that strength...
  15. Stout Brewing

    Secondary Bottle Conditioning Question

    Just a real simple question I've been wondering about... When bottle conditioning, does it make any difference if the bottles are upright or laid on their side?
  16. K

    Is my brewing procedure allright?

    Hi everyone. This is my procedure for 23l (6gal) batch: -heat water to about 70°C (158F), amount of water [l]=grain weight[kg]*3 (that is, for my current recipe, 15l(4gal) ) -add grain (BIAB), maintain temp. between 62°C 70°C (143-158F) ( I can not hold a constant temp. so it varies) -after...
  17. Sammy391

    Can I reuse turbo cider?

    Hi guys started a turbo cider about 4 days ago, no bubbles and I have no idea if it’s fermenting... If it hasn’t/doesn’t ferment at all, is it possible to boil up and re start using this Apple juice , rather than being left with 30l of funky AJ?
  18. S

    Advice on how to continue fermentation

    Hi all, a couple of weeks ago I brewed this recipe https://byo.com/article/strong-scotch-ale-style-profile/ but instead of using the suggested yeast I used Mangrove Jacks Empire Ale Yeast M15. The problem is that I forgot that I have to use more than one pack. I was planning to let it in the...
  19. Soyyojuli

    Anybody tried Fermenting wine under pressure?

    Hi. I have been toying with the idea of making wine under pressure in my fermentsaurus. Why? You ask. Well because I've had great result on making beer this way, and the extra heat speeds up the process. The pressure allows me to ferment at higher temps without the biproducts from the yeast...
  20. Jake Michael

    Fermentation Airlock Overflow

    I woke up this morning and just before I was leaving for work I checked my beer I brewed on Saturday. As I rushing for work I changed my frozen bottles over and used some kitchen towel to wipe the overflow from the lid but I didn’t have time to change the airlock so I just left it alone...