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  1. just_gary

    Hello from Sheffield!

    Rather than lurk, I thought I'd sign up and say hello! I'm a novice home brewer from Sheffield. My first brew was almost a complete disaster, with half in a pressure keg, that doesn't hold pressure tasting like a heady mix of disinfectant and cardboard! I filled 17 bottles as well, and...
  2. J

    Hi from Bolton

    Hello, I’m Justin from Bolton and I have been all grain brewing for around 5 years. Mostly brew IPA style beers, sometimes bitters and the occasional festive brew. Thanks for adding me. Happy brewing.
  3. E

    Hello All - Eliot from Leeds

    Hello all, I'm Eliot. 35 from Leeds. I am interested in home brewing, ive been a long term real ale fan and I want to give it a shot making my own ales. I'm more interested in creating tasty beverages than strong ones, as im not actually a massive drinker (i.e I don't drink to get drunk like...
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