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  1. P

    Low Alcohol (hypothetical)

    "Hypothetical" might be the wrong word, but I'm interested in knowing the ways to reduce the abv of a particular recipe. Are there any other options in addition to the following? - use less malt - cold crash earlier and then rack off, away from the yeast - dilute the wort Is the repercussion...
  2. P

    Hello from the Wirral!

    Hi, my name is Jon and I joined last month. I've been busy brewing IPAs and Stouts and having a great time! If there are any other homebrewers on merseyside that fancy meeting up to swap brews and tips, I'd be up for it. I haven't been able to find a nearby homebrew club. Cheers! Pugh
  3. CrimsonYellow

    Visual Homebrewer - Getting into it for the first time!

    Hello All, Glad to be a part of this community. I've worked as the marketing head for a brewpub, then as a brewery assistant (cleaning, cleaning, cleaning), helped others homebrew before as well but never have I done a recipe of my own. Currently, living in Edinburgh and pursuing a course in...