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  1. just_gary

    Hello from Sheffield!

    Rather than lurk, I thought I'd sign up and say hello! I'm a novice home brewer from Sheffield. My first brew was almost a complete disaster, with half in a pressure keg, that doesn't hold pressure tasting like a heady mix of disinfectant and cardboard! I filled 17 bottles as well, and...
  2. K

    Is my brewing procedure allright?

    Hi everyone. This is my procedure for 23l (6gal) batch: -heat water to about 70°C (158F), amount of water [l]=grain weight[kg]*3 (that is, for my current recipe, 15l(4gal) ) -add grain (BIAB), maintain temp. between 62°C 70°C (143-158F) ( I can not hold a constant temp. so it varies) -after...
  3. surferosa

    My beer tastes terrible

    Hi everyone, I made a MJ Saison kit last month (first brew), it’s been conditioning in bottle for 3 weeks and have had the odd taste, before bottling, a week in, and after 3 weeks... and it tasted pretty rubbish every time... I’m having trouble describing the flavour according to lists of “off...
  4. L

    Neutral tasting Sugar Wash

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to brew to most neutral-tasting sugar wash (ideally, it should taste like water). The end-goal is to have that neutral tasting alcohol base and mix it with flavors. I've been experimenting with fermentation with Turbo Yeast, demineralized water and white sugar (from...
  5. UKSkydiver

    Stuck or Done?

    Looking for a pointer please – this is my very first brew and I’ve been reading a ton for a week or more and getting lots of information… not sure what I should do for the best… It looks like I may have stuck fermentation (or a long lag time down to amount of yeast / brew strength) . I...
  6. M

    Newbie from st andrews

    Hi all newbie from st andrews here new to brewing and to forums done 2 beer kits so far and got my first turbo cider on fingers crossed it works out well
  7. ffffuuuuzzzz

    New brewer - thinking of trying BIAB on my second batch

    Hi, So I just brewed my first batch, using a Brooklyn brew shop Everyday IPA 1 gallon kit. I have brewed 5 gallon batches with a friend in the past, using his all in one system, but this was my first solo brew. I think it went well, and I'm already thinking about my next batch, and what I would...
  8. J

    newbie from motherwell

    hi newbie here. newbie to forums and to homebrewing. i've brewed one or 2 kits{lager} and now trying to get into brewing different things and experimenting, not just beers and lagers, and obviously on a budget. best lager i've brewed was a youngs definitive lager and added a 454g of rowse honey...
  9. Higstone

    Newbie here, looking for advice please

    Hi everyone , Just made my first batch of cider, everything has gone smooth so far following advice I've seen on this forum, so thanks! I am struggling with the final process of bottle carbonation. I am after a medium sparkling cider, so after fermentation I had a F.G of 0.998, I moved the...
  10. TimXJR1300

    Barrels Bottles, Bubble Traps and Funky Buckets

    I have been researching or possibly over-thinking my re-entry into the home brewing circle. Many years ago, lest millennia somewhere I made some beer using a process that involved boiling things and making the house smell much better than the wet dog in the kitchen. I recall a big bucket with a...
  11. Norse John

    BelVino Australian Red kit

    Just finished and bottled up having brewed 23 litres. Calculated to have finished ABV of 10.8%. Brewed to the instructions apart from my stabiliser mistake and the starter yeast solution. Left a litre out for consumption today, and have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. Preferably I'd have liked...
  12. M

    Hello from London

    Hi Everyone My name is Mia and I've just started brewing kombucha. I'm very new to the brewing game so wanted to join to learn more and get some advice.
  13. C

    Hi From newbie in North London, NW London, Herts

    Hi I've been lurking in the background for a while. I would like to give home brewing a go but tried this many years ago and failed miserably. I only ever used kits and threw it all away after a couple of undrinkable attempts. 2019 I think its time to try again. If anyone can point me to some...
  14. JP Atsma

    Hi from Stirling, Scotland

    Hi All, I'm fairly new to home brewing, so I'll first have to soak up the knowledge available here, before I can contribute to anything. Most of the wines I make are made from fruits from my garden. Elderberry/Bramble wine is my favourite (especially in Winter). I also occasionally make beer...
  15. E

    Hello All - Eliot from Leeds

    Hello all, I'm Eliot. 35 from Leeds. I am interested in home brewing, ive been a long term real ale fan and I want to give it a shot making my own ales. I'm more interested in creating tasty beverages than strong ones, as im not actually a massive drinker (i.e I don't drink to get drunk like...
  16. andy adam

    Newbie in Scotland

    Hi, happy to have been approved, relatively new to brewing , half a dozen kits under my belt so far and now waiting on my Klarstein electric mash kettle arriving in a couple of days, got some grains, hops etc and on i'm hols for 2 weeks so cant wait to get my first real ipa on the go I love...
  17. Jacalou

    Hi all

    Hi, I'm new to the site and pretty new to wine making, although I did have a go some 35 years ago when I was young and skint! Now I'm old and not so skint and about to retire after Christmas I want to try my hand at wine making again. I live in Shaw near Oldham and work in Bury, so if there are...
  18. T

    Newbie Needing your Knowledge

    Hi Everyone! First time brewer and first time poster here, hoping some of you more experienced guys can help me with a question. I recently bought the Northern Brewer starter kit you're probably familiar with, which came with the Block Party Amber Ale recipe. Northern Brewer have a fairly...
  19. mark bruce

    Another numpty query!!!

    Hi guys, another newbie query. I had my 2nd and 3rd brews (Young's APA and Razorback IPA) finish fermentation at roughly the same time and have now bottled them both. I've checked both brews for carbonation after around a week and they are both carbonating nicely. They both tasted really boozy...
  20. mark bruce

    Hello and....HELP!!

    [/IMG] Hi there, I'm doing my 2nd brew, Razorback IPA and wondered if anyone could confirm what this hydrometer reading was. I'm hoping around 1.005. Any help much appreciated. Thanks!!!
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