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  1. Bearfoot Brewer

    Filling presure barrel keg with CO2 prior to racking beer for conditioning to avoid oxidisation

    Hi guys, I have had trouble with my brews tasting great and crisp and the end of fermentation, then after racking into a pressure barrel (PB) for conditioning, the flavour is lost to a duller, slightly caramel flavour (still very drinkable! but not ideal..). I highly suspect this is due to...
  2. J

    Can cider remain in bucket after fermentation?

    My cider seems to be coming to the end of the fermentation. Yesterday it was 1.011 and very little bubbling was visible this morning. However, I made a mistake with my initial equipment order and won’t get my syphon until Monday. Is it okay to leave it in the bucket for a couple of days or...
  3. J

    Oxygen ==> the enemy of cider too?

    Hello there Having dreamed of producing my own 'poison' for years, I have finally made the splash and started my first cider batch. However, spending time here in the forum has scared me a little. My plan was to transfer the cider after fermentation from the fermenter to the pressure barrel...
  4. Craig_teesside

    repurpose first fermentation co2

    Im just starting brewing again because I'm skint, last time was 20 years ago. I have a few questions. I'm doing a Geordie Lager which I gather is a pale ale. I'm using a diy airlock because I live close to pubs in town and there's vinegar flies all over. Should I pay more attention to bubbles...
  5. Dann77

    Finings for a kit beer?

    Hi all, I've been reading various articles and forums online but can't quite find what I'm looking for, so hoping to get a little guidance here. I only do the basic kit brews and have I've only done a few before with moderate success. Previously, efforts have been a bit too cloudy, so wondered...