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  1. Bootcutboy

    Looking for the best budget red and white wine kits pleasr

    Hi all. I have been looking through the wine review section and there are some great reviews but they all seem to be for the more expensive kits, over £50. I am out of work at the mo so times are a bit tight. The only wine kits I’ve made so far are the MYO white and red kits from The Range...
  2. Bootcutboy

    Ideas and advice for different fruit/flavours to add to red wine brew kit please?

    Howdy folks, hope everyone is supping well and staying safe. I have a second 30bottle MYO red wine kit to start to make and because I don’t have another 30 empty bottles I am wanting to have a play about with flavour and rack it into 6 separate demijohns and then bottle later. My question is...
  3. alsch890

    Sorachi Red IPA

    Hi there, I have a pile of hops in the freezer including a packet of Sorachi Ace. I've never used them before and tbh I haven't really enjoyed beers I've had thst use SA. I don't want to do a Saison or lighter lager which a lot of forums and homebrewers recommend. I have a range of malts in...
  4. M

    First time trying red wine from own grown grapes using wild fermentation

    Hello folks :) Before the kids were born (11+ years ago) I regularly made wine and beer from kits. Only last week we tried a bottle of beer that was found in a cupboard in the garage - not a great taste - but drinkable! Anyhow, the wife bought a grape vine about 8 years ago which spent 4...