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  1. Ajdpilot

    Beer engine with corny setup questions

    Hi Brewers, So I've just bought myself a nice new beer engine and was wondering about peoples experiences. My goal (as probably with most of us) is to mimic that perfect pub pulled pint as closely as possible but trying to prolong life for normal home drinking rather than the high turnover of...
  2. Stout Brewing

    Secondary Bottle Conditioning Question

    Just a real simple question I've been wondering about... When bottle conditioning, does it make any difference if the bottles are upright or laid on their side?
  3. Ajdpilot

    Secondary thoughts and advice

    Hi all, So I'm starting to think about my next brew and as I always seem to do, I try to up my game and try a new step each time I do a brew. This time, it will be a strawberry beer and brewing with fruit. I'd like to know peoples thoughts, reasons and experience in relation to the secondary...