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  1. phillc

    Open Source Anavi Thermometer

    This could be a long one, as there's a bit of a story. I wanted to put on a brew using a Kveik yeast, which of course needs to ferment at a higher temperature. I haven't to date actively monitored the temperature of my fermentation, apart from using the sticky thermometers which go on the...
  2. Inkbird

    Inkbird Black Friday Sale - Up to 30%Off! SAVE YOUR MONEY!

    Hi friends Great News! You can enjoy Up To 30%OFF Discount for All Inkbird Heating & Cooling Temperature Controller / Thermometer on Black Friday (28/11/2019-02/12/2019)! :groupdancing: Please check the following link or product chart: 29%Off * Inkbird ITC-308 Temperature Controller Deal...
  3. Inkbird

    Discounts for Inkbird Temperature Controller

    Hey guys:beer1:, before the Black Friday, our some Inkbird units applied some Discounts for Amazon prime activity (29th, Nov- 2nd, Dec ). acheers. If there are Inkbird units on your wish list, order today and get the package by Black Friday, Discount details check the following photos and links...
  4. Bootcutboy

    Brew mat or Brew belt for use with Inkbird please?

    Hi all I am looking at investing in either a brew mat or brew belt to use with an Inkbird temp controller but can anyone recommend which one works better in keeping a steady temperature please? Also when using the temperature sensor of the Inkbird how would I best attach this for most...
  5. Inkbird

    Mid-month Promotion For Inkbird Temperature Controller / Thermometer

    Hi buddy:p We have a Mid-month Promotion for some Inkbird Temperature Controller / Thermometer, hope the discount is helpful.:cheers2: 20% OFF for the Inkbird ITC-308 WIFI Temperature Controller Discount price:£36.79 ( Original price:£45.99 ) Time:14/10/2019 - 18/10/2019...
  6. GerritT

    Inkbird ITH20-R + 1 monitor review, with pics

    The weather is been going from 0ºC to 40ºC and back again over the course of a few weeks and it annoyed me that I had no further details than "it's so hot" or "it's so cold". Yes we do have a thermometer in the house but no more accurate than "hot" or "cold". And since I homebrew I thought it...
  7. S

    accurate thermometer question

    Hi, I hope someone can help me here. I am looking to buy a new digital thermometer and am confused - It seems that many brewers recommend a calibrated thermometer which as I understand it, comes with a certificate telling you how far off it is at 2 reference temperatures 0 deg and 50 deg. These...
  8. JP Atsma

    My thermometer is stuck!

    No it's probably not what you think :-) I've got two thermometers and haven't used them for a while, but now the red bar has split. I've tried a lot of suggestions I found online, but some of the red liquid inside is still stuck at the top, so it never shows the correct temperature. I don't...
  9. Ghillie

    30 Litre Gas Boiler with Tap, Hop Strainer and Thermometer

    I have one of these kettles for sale, used only once and then I changed from BIAB to a Robobrew (kitchen stove couldn't handle full volume boils too well). Seems a pity for it to sit in the shed; so would rather someone else gets the use of it. RRP £64.50 From "The Home Brew Shop" site...
  10. Drunkula

    Infrared Thermometer £4.10 See the thread for the discount code at the top of the page.