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  1. Bootcutboy

    Can I add different fruit/flavours in various demijohns to red wine brew kit please?

    Howdy folks, hope everyone is supping well and staying safe. I made a red wine kit a while back and am happy with the 30 bottles I have stored. I actually have a second one of the exact same kit to make ASAP as it is almost at its Best Before date. I don’t have another 30 empty bottles though...
  2. Bootcutboy

    Ideas and advice for different fruit/flavours to add to red wine brew kit please?

    Howdy folks, hope everyone is supping well and staying safe. I have a second 30bottle MYO red wine kit to start to make and because I don’t have another 30 empty bottles I am wanting to have a play about with flavour and rack it into 6 separate demijohns and then bottle later. My question is...
  3. Bootcutboy

    Can I temporarily store my wine in demijohns rather than bottles???

    Hi all, I’m a total wine brewing novice and I have my first ever 30 bottle wine kit to bottle up tomorrow, I also scored lucky with an Amazon glitch and got 36 bottles of red for £20, AND I still have another 30 bottle red wine kit to make before it goes out of date in June. I never thought...
  4. Bootcutboy

    Advice on brewing the “Make Your Own” brand red and white wine kits please

    Howdy all. I managed to get hold of a white and a red Make your Own brand wine kits and I am looking for any advice to get the best out of these please? I do have a brew fridge set up now to use, but this will be my first ever foray into wine brewing so any advice would be amazing, or should I...
  5. B

    Leaving the grapes on the vine?

    Hello All I will be making wine soon and was wondering does anyone else leave the grapes on the vine? Before you press them. I am just asking as it took me a few days to strip all the grapes off their vines before I pressed it. Plus I have read in various places that the vines add or don't...
  6. Soyyojuli

    Anybody tried Fermenting wine under pressure?

    Hi. I have been toying with the idea of making wine under pressure in my fermentsaurus. Why? You ask. Well because I've had great result on making beer this way, and the extra heat speeds up the process. The pressure allows me to ferment at higher temps without the biproducts from the yeast...
  7. LED_ZEP

    Raspberry Lowicz (12%)

    Raspberry Lowicz (12%) One of the cheapest (Lowicz £1 when on offer at Tesco) yet nicest drinks I've made. Lovely chilled sat in the sun in the back garden. I wouldn't say this tastes like a wine more like a strong still cider and if you used a full bottle of syrup I suspect it would be more...
  8. Hopsteep

    Greengage Wine

    So my (soon to be) father in law is really keen to make some wine. He loves trying my beers which is really nice. His garden has 3 huge Greengage trees in it, grape vines, apple trees you name it! I fancy having a go at a wine with some of his grapes and a load of Gages. He messaged me...
  9. Mrhandsome

    Can you prime a wine that's been aging for a while?

    I've made a batch of mango wine and have been aging it for a while now, 6 months-ish. It tastes good but I made a previous batch that I carbonated and it was sooo much better, like a pear cider almost. So my question is: If I prime each bottle (they're swing tops) would it start to ferment...
  10. S

    How to clear cloudy wine

    Hi I have been suing the 7 day wine kits for about 2 years without a problem, however, the latest kit is not clearing. I have added finings etc and given it over a week, but no luck. does anyone have any tips or can anyone help please.
  11. R

    Wine smells of rotten eggs

    Hi All, Just opened a bottle of white kenridge Pinot Grigio that’s been sitting for 3 months now and it stank of rotten eggs and had something floating in the liquid. I’ve looked at some of the other bottles and another 3 have got something floating inside. What did I do wrong? Did I not clean...
  12. M

    Turbo yeast sugar wine temp?

    I've got the pure turbo yeast. Does it matter if the temp is a little high compared to the 18-24c target for brewing upto 20% in 7-10 days? I didn't realise how much internal heat this yeast would generate. The air temp in my brewing cupboard is about 24c. After the first day the water temp...
  13. W

    Too much headroom?

    I've just racked 23 litres of a Winexpert Selection kit after fermentation from a bucket into a 30 litre plastic carboy and I note that the instructions say I should give it two weeks to clear now the finings etc are in. That seems like quite a long time to be sitting there with 7 litres of head...
  14. geigercntr

    UK suppliers of Lalvin S6U??

    Hi all, My Google-fu power is weak today, so hopefully somebody can point me in the right direction. I was reading a Michael Tonsmeire (madfermentationist) article about using wine yeasts to brew beer (link:, in particular using Lalvin S6U as...
  15. Racecaptain

    Damson wine

    Is there such a thing as Damson wine as I have a large number of Damson trees and there is aonly a certain amount of Damson gin you can make! I would like to find other uses for damson so gratefully receive andy suggestions, I also have a large amount of 1 litre Grolsch type bottles (many full...
  16. chef-Ozzy

    Oat wine ?

    Hi all I'm new to the site. Only been making my own wine the last two years so other than helping my grandad as a young boy and nicking his wine as a teenager I'm a newbie. I was sat down today ordering some yeast ball's for a batch of Chinese rice wine " shaoxing huangjiu"style. Just...
  17. HoppySpadge

    Beaverdale Chardonnay

    Well, my first wine after about 50 or so beer kits and I am simply amazed at the quality of the final product. Several of my wino friends have had a bottle and the agreement is total - this is one of the best wines that we have had in a long time. To put that into perspective we are mostly £6-8...
  18. W

    sugar wash / sugar wine , Flavouring ?!?

    Newbie here so... I have done couple of mead wines and one fruit juice wine with instructions all gone well.. I have recently put on a 25l sugar wash with alcotec 48 currently waiting for this bad boy to reach around 15% but my question is I've seen some videos of this and most want to distil...