wort chiller

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  1. BenParr


    We are giving away a free wort chiller! Please comment below if you would like to be considered. We will pick the winner 30th May and post it out. Please check out our site for more information on wort chillers: Wort Chillers We make our wort chillers to order! The winner will receive a wort...
  2. Ghillie

    Wort Chiller - The Beast

    For sale is an absolutely banging wort chiller that I purchased from @Aaron Higgins here on the forum. Sadly, it doesn't fit in my Robobrew as I forgot to take into account the top ring which holds the malt pipe for sparging... Gutted. Aaron kindly sold me this work of art for £90 so I'm happy...
  3. Ghillie

    Wort Chiller

    Hey guys, Wort chiller for sale, the very one as shown below: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wort-chiller-2x2-metre-hose-hose-tap-connector-home-brew-wholegrain-cooler/132561064694?hash=item1edd4152f6:m:mPqgWf0tw4kk6ySf8MnMMkw It's a cracker and I'm reluctant to sell it, but I bought a Robobrew...