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  1. Bearfoot Brewer

    What OG does 500g of light spray malt give in 4.5L

    I'm planning some small 4.5L brews fermented in demijohns and I'm intending on using just spray malt as the basis for my wort. Just trying to plan recipes and was looking for a reference point of what Original Gravity 500g of light spray malt would give when dissolved in 4.5 Litres of water...
  2. clives-online

    Yeast in wort??

    Greetings, This is my first beer kit brewing. I started the yeast with sugar, it was active, trying to escape from the jar.. I added the yeast to the wort over 8 hours ago. There has not been any activity in the fermentor?? The water in the air trap has not been displaced or bubbled. Should...
  3. Ghillie

    Wort Chiller - The Beast

    For sale is an absolutely banging wort chiller that I purchased from @Aaron Higgins here on the forum. Sadly, it doesn't fit in my Robobrew as I forgot to take into account the top ring which holds the malt pipe for sparging... Gutted. Aaron kindly sold me this work of art for £90 so I'm happy...
  4. Carpersbrewing

    Wort contamination

    Evening, I’ve got a question that is bugging me and would be great if so one could clear it up it may sound stupid earlier today I took the air lock off my fermentor and a small amount of the sanitised solution fell into my wort. Will the affect my beer in the end in any way. The satanised...