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  1. C

    Pitching Extra Yeast - Stuck Fermentation

    I brewed a Belgian Wit not the Friday just gone, but the Friday before. OG was 1.045 and I was expecting FG to be around 1.012. I am hoping for a quick turnaround (hoping to be drinking it mid-July for my birthday), so I took a gravity reading last Thursday and it was at 1.020. I took another...
  2. C

    Oldish Liquid Yeast

    I was planning on using liquid yeast for the first time this weekend. I ordered a custom ingredient kit from 'Get 'er Brewed' including a pack of Wyeast Belgian Witbier 3944. Stupidly I didn't pay for next day delivery and the courier ignored my request to leave the parcel outside, so it was...
  3. Miko

    Yeast Late for Party

    I pitched liquid British Ale II Wyeast 1335 a few days ago (at 19 degrees). Only 2-3 days after I found the packaging in the thrash to check the manufacture date and it was 13 Nov 2018 which could explain why the fermentation had not kicked off. Ordered two packets of dry SafAle S-04 which...