2018 Apple Harvest Cider Thread

Discussion in 'Wine & Cider Brewdays!' started by MattH1973, Aug 12, 2018 at 6:42 PM.

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    Got back from Norfolk yesterday to find quite a few apples had blown down, so spent Sunday morning picking the low hanging and ripest fruit from the very old trees we have in our paddock. Got more than 2 large sacks full, which based on last year should be good for about 20 litres of juice.

    First press using my new electric scratter may be next weekend.

    In a rather delightful symmetry, the last 2 bottles of 2017 vintage went into the fridge today, and will I expect get drunk next weekend.

    It will be interesting what effect the very dry summer has had. The apples are a good size, and there are plenty of them. But we will see what the juice yield and strength is like. Going with Lalvin EC 1118 yeast this year.
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