A Beerlubber's Guide??

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Tony Dyer

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Aug 16, 2020
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Norwich, UK
I have a couple of brewing books and have been brewing 'seriously' since March this year (I actually started 41 years ago with Geordie powdered malt kits and have carried on sporadically, but tried to get serious during the lockdown). The problem I have with my books and others that I have looked at is that a) they are horribly badly wrote, b) they are written by experts who expect a degree of competance and so don't explain the REAL problems that we encounter as beginners/amateurs.

Is there a book that discusses or warns you about the problems that may arise in brewing? I've made many utterly stupid mistakes such as boiling 25L of wort in a 25L boiler - result - at least 5 litres on the floor, not to mention steam loss.

Just a thought. And it's probably already a thread on this forum in which case, apologies (and I'm too lazy to look, and I'm 3/4 into a bottle of red).
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