A cunning plan to dry hop with loose pellets in a fast fermenter

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Oct 17, 2015
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Near Walsall west midlands
so I kept hearing the best way to dry hop in the FV after the activity has almost finished is to just chuck them in loose as they get more saturated roaming free and impart more aroma and flavour rather than them clumping together in a tea ball etc,the problem was how to do it in a fast fermenter as they could block the narrow neck as they sink to the bottom,so I pondered it and came up with this idea.I already had a large funnel but needed to cut it down so it would go through the FF 6 inch bore neck I then took a top off one of the large basket type teaball inverted it and screwed it into the top of the cut down funnel with some stainless steel screws and nuts,added a tripod of dental floss to hang it with and the funnel will now sink down into the FF narrowing neck and snuggly fit and form a 4,1/2 inch tight screen at the bottom to catch all the sinking hop debri,as to wether the FF will drain down upon fermentation completion remains to be proven but the tripod of dental floss gives me the option of fishing it out hopefully with all the dead hops in the inverted teaball lid

that's the plan anyway in my continuing search to improve my dry hopping regime:thumb:

funnel 3[1].jpg

funnel 1[1].jpg