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Aug 18, 2016
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Having purchased @Seghes Brewzilla I have had a learning curve AG brewday.
My first all grain brew.

Wanted something quick to condition, so I can get to know what it makes. Gone for a spiced coriander and lime beer ex GH.
The strike water heated up quick enough and mashed in 4kg Maris Otter, 500g carapils and 500g wheat malt for 70 mins. Brewfather said to mash in 18l, which I followed. Recirculating arm worked fine, just finding fight flow. Went a bit too high and over the central mash pipe but got to grips with it.

Mashing over, lifted the basket. I was moaning because the brewzilla, sat on my cider press stand was 50cm off the ground, and bending to read the screen was awkward. With the basket up, pouring sparge water in and wanting to see what's going on is tricky.
For hops, used the prescribed Magnum at start of the boil Didn't have any Liberty hops so used Idaho 7, [email protected] (with 25g of corriander and 43g dried orange peel) and 30g at flame out.
Chilled down to 20°C with IC,
The og was 1.046.
Got 22l in the bucket for fermentation.
Brewfather has my mash efficiency at 77% but brewhouse efficiency at 61%.
Don't quite know what that means (or how to correct it! Advice welcome) other than not hitting the og.
All said and done, produced a nice tasting wort. Looks the part. 🤞


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Nov 13, 2013
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Your efficiency is what you make it with your process and your milling. You have to work out what your efficiency is yourself. Don't work it out and you are flying blind. Efficiencies vary from brewer to brewer not from SVB to SVB. Brewfather, as with any other brewing program are only as good as the numbers entered into it.