Ageing/conditioning force carbonated beer in a corny

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Apr 12, 2021
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North London
Hi all,
I'm a little confused over what to do now my beer is fermented and under pressure in my corny. I've stuck it in the fridge and, after a week, it's still tasting a bit 'young' so would like to leave it for a few weeks and could do with the space back in my bar fridge!
What do people generally do after moving over to the keg after fermentation?
Should I leave it at room temp or cooled in a fridge when ageing/conditioning? I guess I don't need to keep it connected to the CO2 tank, just give it a blast every few days at the right pressure for the Vols/temp?

If leaving at room temp is it worth putting some sugar in for the remaining yeast to enjoy and give a bit more carbonation naturally? Will it keep ok like this as long as it didn't get infected and there's minimal oxygen? I've got one of those carbonation T pieces so can transfer some dissolved sugar via a pop bottle into the gas in post.

My fermentation fridge (nice freebie from Facebook) is big enough for storing kegs as well as the FV so keeping it at a relatively constant temp is not an issue (other than when changing temp for my next fermentation.)


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Oct 17, 2018
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I'm afraid I can't help you with the answer at all @stripeyjoe as I'm just getting started with cornys myself, but I had been wondering exactly the same thing.

For hoppy beers best drunk fresh I don't suppose it's an issue - I assume you can get stuck in as soon as they're carbonated.

But I know from experience my stouts and porters benefit from being left in the bottle at least a month to carbonate and condition, so exactly as you say what's the deal when it comes to corny kegs?