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    Amber Star 15/09/17. Used 3.8kg of MO, carapils, extra dark crystal, tiny bit of CaraMunch. Used Wilko Gervin yeast. Hops 29g chinook at start, 10g bramling cross and 20g Brewers gold at 15, at flameout 29g bramling cross and 20g Stryian Golding. Was below 20 litres so chucked in some spring water at the end..just the cheap Tesco stuff to get it to 20L. OG 1050 so should be around 5.5% if it gets down to 1008. Colour dark orange/amber. Smell normal malty some mint? Taste malty with some bitter on tip which goes quickly but leaves lingering bitterness along sides and bottom of mouth and back of tongue.

    Tasting 25/10/17 - lovely amber/mid brown looking beer with a slight orange edge..looking very much like a British type beer really. Lovely carbonation and a great taste. Not hoppy but has some bite and sweetness too. This is the best "British style" beer I have managed to do and I like the combination of hops with that background berryness you get from the Bramling cross. I will certainly do this again and can see my non American hopped IPA drinking friends (yes I have some!) enjoying this one.

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