Back after over a year of not brewing

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Nov 6, 2017
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Hello all!

I got into homebrewing back in 2016 with extract brews in a 15L pot on the stove. I then built myself a cooler box mash tun and did a few all grain brews. However I was really put off with the hobby since I lived in a small flat and it really used to stress me out.

However, I'm now in a house and have a nice patio I can use and much more space. So I've gotten back into brewing. I bought myself a 32L Peco boiler so I can increase the size of my brews, and I've decided to start doing BIAB rather than using a separate mash tun.

I was using the Reddit homebrewing forum, however this seems more UK focused and more active and so I'm going to try and become active here.