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Feb 22, 2020
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Following a no brew period of circa 6 months, I have just brewed a couple of kits which I have successfully done many times before . My last few brews prior were extract recipes that turned out extremely well so I'd like to think my technique and quality of beer has improved dramatically .
That said the kit I have just brewed - MJ Helles lager which has been very good previously was chucked down the plug hole (all 40 pints) and the current MJ Pink Grapefruit IPA is more bitter than usual.
Cleaning and sterilizing is all thorough and still fermenting in corny kegs following many successful batches.
I did close transfer the Helles as I have done before but this time used a filter. As it was carbonated, I realised the filter couldn't handle it so transferred without.
Perhaps during the process too much o2 got in, I don't know but the taste was not right, woody perhaps, just a real home brew taste. I noticed when I opened the keg, the fumes that came out were very strong and almost acidic.
Anyway the current MJ Pink Grapefruit IPA is carbonating in the keg. Again brewed this successfully many times before but this batch seems more bitter and, again, tastes 'home brew like' .
So a bit of a mystery really as both kits have previously been brewed a number of times with great success.
Both kits were in date, the key difference was this time I used MJ brew enhancer with both that was on offer from Brew2bottle when previously, I have used MJ LME.
Any pointers would be hugely helpful.