Belated Hello from Watford

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Aug 2, 2020
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Been a member since the Summer but not posted my hello message yet and felt bad about it so here goes!

I dabbled in home brewing over the last few years prob doing the grand sum of around 4 kits over a couple of years. One benefit of the lockdown and working at home for the last 9 months has been the extra time to dedicate to thinking about, researching, investing in, and actually doing a bit of brewing. I've done some kits (mainly Mangrove Jacks, which are excellent), built a 3 keg keezer set up, and recently upgraded to a Brewzilla system and brewed my 1st proper AG 23l batch a couple weeks ago (a juicy ish IPA style). Love IPAs and German Pilsner/Helles.

Thanks to those who've helped me so far, so much great content and knowledge here.