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Jun 29, 2016
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North Wales
Don‘t know what you are brewing, but if you step up the volume to around 19 litres per brew, then the bottles that you find on water dispensers make excellent demijohns.

I used to scrounge them from car dealerships and the like.

You also used to be able to get them from eBay for about £3 each.

I fill them initially to around 15 litres, then allow the vigorous part of the fermentation to occur, then top them up with either water, if doing a beer kit, or extra juice if it is turbo cider for example. The actually hold 19.5 litres, when full to the brim. If it’s turbo cider I do the top up in stages.

The tops peel off the vessels and I modified the water outlet with some thick walled rubber tube to get it to take a fermentation trap. The pinky looking vessel has the rubber tubing in the top.

Post fermentation cleaning is fairly easy as most of the crud collects near the top of the neck. This can be reached with a demijohn bottle brush. Thereafter I soak them in percarbonate and hot water to remove the stubborn bits. It usually floats to the top. The get a final rinse out with Starsan solution.

The photo below has an empty, a cider from freshly pressed juice still fermenting, one that is clearing, and one that has cleared, and another that has cleared. The bench in my garage is 20ft long.

I don’t add my volumes brewed to “How many pints in 2020 etc” mainly through embarrassment at the industrial volumes. If I do, then I’m sure 2021 will be a record breaking year.
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Ha! Thems the ones we have in work...and I was wrong with the volume..they are around 19 litres..

Shirley Bassett

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Aug 15, 2018
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Lisa MC,

Below is a photo of 19 litre plastic vessel that has just brewed a stout kit and is being cleaned with 4 scoops of oxy wash and hot water Note that you can get a demijohn bottle brush down inside the handle.

If you completely fill the bottle, then as it fizzes the debris comes to the top and can be flicked out, or by adding more hot water it will overflow and also come out of the vessel.



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Jan 7, 2021
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Idle, Bradford
i recently bought 5 off a guy on gumtree for £20 who changed to using a 5 gall PET container. all VGC 'old' style with no cracks or scratches, great value and only a short drive away. GL

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