Black IPA guide to style, recipe writing, brewing - Video

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David Heath

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Mar 14, 2019
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It is time for a new educational beer style guide video and I am happy to bring you the Black IPA guide.
This style has various other names including Cascadian Dark Ale or CDA for short.
This video guide begins with the history then moves onto BJCP style notes and a recipe writing section before I share my own tried and tested recipe along with recent brew footage and a look at the end beer in a glass. This then finishes with tasting notes and information about the beer produced by my recipe along with the usual hints and tips all the way through.
As usual, thank you for all your kind support and enthusiasm for my channel.
Please keep your questions, feedback and requests coming but please give me some time to answer, I get a lot of messages and answer them in the order they were sent in, particularly those on Facebook messenger tend to stack up! If you are comfortable then please ask questions within Facebook groups, forums or Youtube, so that others can also either benefit or contribute.
Happy brewing!


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