Bluetooth thermometer

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Sep 6, 2016
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Derry,Northern Ireland
It’s not waterproof so depends what your intended use is.
It's not designed to sit for prolonged periods in water but can be rinsed as it would have to be when used for cooking so can't see why you couldn't check your mash temps etc then rinse and dry .


Apr 19, 2021
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Paremata New Zealand
I've had one similar for a while now.

I used it a lot when I first started to check the temp at the top of the mash and in my sparge water heater that didn't have a thermostat on it.

Problem I had was that I put the tip of the stainless probe in the wort or water and then gently trapped the mesh cable under the lid to stop it all dropping in.

All worked well, but condensation occurred on the mesh cable and liquid tracked down into the metal probe and onto the sensor which sent it haywire.
I had to get the sensor out by uncrimping the top part clean and dry it all and then it worked again. I put some silicone around the entry of the cable into the probe but the problem recurred. So disassemble and repeat.

Now I don't put the entry point of the cable into the kettle etc just the tip of the probe with the rest hanging out. It works fine now.

Worked great in a kettle barbecue with the lid shut but that's a nice dry heat.

You might be able to get a waterproof sensor from aliexpress and wire that in instead. It's not the same sensor as for STC 1000 as I tried one of those.