Bramble wine & Lemon hooch

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    Bramble wine:

    2kg brambles (frozen)
    1ltr RGJ
    1kg sugar
    1tsp pecto
    1tsp yeast
    1tsp nutrient

    2ltr of boiling water over the brambles in FV, left to cool then added 2 campdens (due to size of FV).
    Left for 24hrs, added pecto and left for 4 days.
    Strained out the liquid through muslin squeezing everything out the berries and into DJ.
    Heated RGJ and dissolved sugar, forgetting the volume would increase. :doh:
    Added most of the RGJ syrup to DJ and retained the last 500ml to add once it settles. Couldn't check the SG because of this.
    Nutrient and yeast added.

    I chose to use a few more brambles as some weren't quite a juicy as others. I have another 4kg in the freezer for trying different recipes.

    Lemon hooch:

    Juice of 15 smallish lemons+ zest of 7.
    1kg sugar
    1tsp yeast
    1tsp nutrient

    All in a DJ.
    SG 1.08 for about 12%.

    I intend to dilute this depending on the lemon taste post fermentation as I worry it will diminish.
    I discussed this with my 15 year old and he said "why not just let the water and sugar ferment out and add the lemon juice at the end? How long have you been doing this dad?" :whistle: I may try this for future batches.

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