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Sep 20, 2023
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Attempting a brew day today whilst at home looking after mini me (nearly 3 now!)
Multi tasking clearly not my strong point as, after a successful mash in the AIO, I started the temp ramp to boil with the grain basket and grain still in.

Noticed when it was at about 90 deg and swiftly removed!
Anyone done similar and noted any bad results? First guess is a risk of tannins?

I'll crack on regardless and see, as it only had about 5 mins above mash out temp (75 deg)...
The beer is a bitter, similar grain bill to Five Points Best. Maris Otter, Amber, Crystal and Wheat.

I'm an advocate for tasting at all stages of brewing, and getting used to how each stage should taste. IF anything like this happens, you'll know if it has made a noticeable impact.

Give it a taste. Is it astringent like stewed tea?
I brewed David Heath's Verdant Tropical Paradise IPA a year or so ago and whilst it was getting to the boil, I suddenly noticed the hot break and then the boil was occurring at an indicated 85C. Took me a minute to discover the temperature sensor on my G30 was half hanging out of the thermowell. It then led me to wonder what temperature my entire mash had been at - presumably far higher than the set temperature!

Ultimately, I had a really tasty beer at the end. I don't think it was particularly astringent; it was just thoroughly pleasant. Of course, I'm not sure how close it was to David's intended design (probably not very) but it was well worth finishing and drinking.