Brew fridge with two FVs.

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Apr 17, 2020
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I have acquired another fridge, big enough for two FVs, I'll use the original smaller one for cold crashing and maybe eventually convert to hold kegs.

Wondering about best way to set up new fridge, currently I use a brew belt with inkbird.
I thought about adding a double socket to the heating side of the inkbird and using a second brewbelt (I already have) to a second fermenter above the bottom one which would have the temp probe in its bubble wrap pocket taped to side.
Or maybe place probe in middle of fridge to measure an overall ambient temperature in the fridge, in which case is a second belt even necessary ?

What I'll probably do is put my next brew in as normal and monitor temperature in top half of the fridge.

Any thoughts would be appreciated,
Cheers !

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