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Dec 9, 2020
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Last year I did the James Blonde Ale from the Bruphoria range of beer kits from The Homebrew Company. It was amazing and I scored it a definite 9/10. I will do it again. I had done a few IPA's over the past few months, Mangrove Jacks Juicy Session IPA, Pink Grapefruit IPA, Australian Pale Ale and Festival Razorback IPA. I love Wheat beers and so decided to try the Bruphoria Wit or Wit out you Wit Beer from the Homebrew Company. Here is my review.

This kit was made up of 2 x 1.5Kg cans of Coopers Wheat liquid malt extract, Mangrove Jacks M21 Belgian Wit Yeast, 1 bottle labeled A and a hop tea bag. I started the brew on 07/12/2021, made up the kit and pitched the yeast at 22 degrees C. My Original gravity reading was 1.040. I added the dry hops in a hop tea bag on the 19/12/21. The beer was bottled on the 24th using 200g of brewing sugar dissolved in 400ml of hot water to batch prime the beer in a bottling bucket. I had a yield of 40 pints of the Wit beer which was left back up in the airing cupboard for 2 weeks for secondary fermentation and then dropped down to the garage on the 11th of January 2022 to condition.

I tried a few bottles over the weekend and this is a beautiful beer. My notes say that it was really nice and easy to drink. A lovely mild, light wheat beer and very refreshing. I wrote these notes down without reading the companies notes below. The ABV was calculated at just below 4% but I could feel the 3 I drank on Friday night, just a nice little buzz. :cool:

Notes from The Homebrew Company are as follows : This is a wonderful light, refreshing beer that we at The Homebrew Company have carefully developed to ensure you are getting the best available homebrew Wit on the market. This is an excellent example of a homebrewed Wit beer which will rival any commercial example. Every beer in this range has been carefully developed to ensure each individual style is represented. The homebrew Wit is a light, wheat based beer with light to medium body, slight sweetness and a zesty orange-fruity finish. It has a clean crisp profile, low hop bitterness and high carbonation with a large white head. This homebrew Wit is slightly cloudy due to the use of unmalted wheat and pale to produce the finest example of a homebrew Wit you will ever taste.

I would say that this turned out more or less exactly as per the notes above. It is a delicious Wit Beer which tastes as good as any commercially available craft wheat beer on the market and I will look forward to having a few more. You would never guess that this was a kit beer. I am going to definitely do this again. If you enjoy Wheat Beers give this a go. It is basically a pimped up Coopers Kit but they have nailed it.

I will be trying the Festival German Weiss Beer Kit in about 3 weeks time. They will be very different I'm sure but will still be good to compare the two.


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