Bulldog Brews Hercule Saison

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    Just bought a kit from Brew2Bottle to make up the free shipping.
    Makes 23L
    Cost £13.95
    "Hercule Saison: A Belgian Style Saison. A golden beer with spicy notes and a peppery Great British finishing hop. 4.7% ABV" Think the hops are Target.

    Not tried this style and was having real problems even finding a commercial one to drink. I was going to get a 6 bottles delivered, but this kit turned out cheaper than that, and will have fun brewing it anyway.

    Planning on it being good for Summer, and I suppose is traditional to brew it in Winter for that. I usually drink those 250ml bottles of 'bière blonde' so I may try bottling from a PB to have a clear bottle.

    If anyone else has brewed this please leave a review as I couldn't find one.

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