Buying honey in bulk

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Aug 23, 2020
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So I've made quite a few traditional meads now ranging from cheap supermarket basics honey to local bee keepers honey and I have to say that the best honey I've found to make mead now is Tesco's finest acacia blossom honey, I've made it a few times using MJ mead yeast and every time it's has come out great, nice residual sweetness and floral notes without being overly complex, I was wondering if anyone knew by chance where Tesco source this honey from as I'd love to approach the supplier and see if they'd sell it in bulk. As much as I love the stuff I'm a skinflint and I resent paying 4 times the price of Asda basics honey which doesn't make a bad mead either with the right yeast. It's strange that through long hours searching for bulk honey I still can't find any cheaper than the super markets cheap honey, that obviously sets of alarm bells as to how much of it is actually honey and how much is Chinese sugar syrup but if it makes good mead then who am I to argue?