California Connoisseur Rioja Tinto (30 bottle) Review

Discussion in 'Wine & Cider Kit Reviews' started by Barfly99, Jul 5, 2012.

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    This was my second go at a California Connoisseur wine kit after the success of the Sauvignon Blanc. I ordered the kit form an online store as my local place had sold out. When the kit arrived the blister of liquid fining agent had leaked slightly and soaked all the other sachets. Thankfully only a small amount had escaped, and as it turned out the other foil packets were waterproof. I've read somewhere of this happening before with these kits so they could do with a more durable finings packet. It had an initial SG of 1.090 which was the same as the Blanc. Followed all the instructions to the letter and after 28 days I filtered it and ended up with around 28 bottles of Rioja. The final SG was 0.992 which again was the same as my first kit. This means it finished up at around 13%.

    I know tasting wine just after you made it is probably doing it an injustice, but I have to say it's looking very good. It's very smooth and has a good, full bodied flavour. Let the father-in-law taste it and he was amazed it was a kit. He drinks a lot of reds and said it's like a Rioja Alta as it has more fruit flavours than pepper and spice. So a big thumbs up for this kit and I'll report back after a few months as to how it's aged.
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