Cascade IPA, second attempt

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Aug 22, 2014
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North Pembs.
As the title suggests I'm having a second attempt at making an IPA using the cascade hops I harvested a month ago. The first attempt was simply the IPA recipe from Greg HUghes but substituting Fresh cascade for the hops in the recipe, at 6x the rate as they weren't dry. Well the beer has been made, and drunk and although it was quite a pleasant beer, it certainly couldn't be described as an IPA.

So now for a second attempt.
I've changed the recipe a bit and I'm going to use dried Worcester goldings as the bittering hop (so at least it'll turn out as an IPA), and fresh frozen Cascade as the late additions. (Some people say you can just freeze hops fresh and use them from frozen, others say they have to be dried first before freezing. We shall see.)

Here's the recipe:

Finished brew size: 4 gallons

Grains: 7.25 Lb low colour maris otter, 4oz Crystal 200, 2oz special B malt.

Hops: 35g Goldings @ 90 minutes, 35g Goldings @ 60 minutes, 6oz fresh frozen Cascade @ 15 minutes, 6oz fresh frozen Cascade @ 0 minutes.

Yeast: Gervin

Half way through the mash at the moment.