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Jun 15, 2020
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Good afternoon, i have just made the Cellar7 7 day merlot kit (which has taken longer than 7 days) and i think as its cleared it is now ready for bottling, however, the wine just doesnt taste nice and smooth, not quite vinegar taste but very slight taste of it. Will this taste dissipate while stored in the bottle or should i leave it in the bucket for a longer period?
Thanks in advance
Can I just say, I am not a seasoned brewer but the vinegar- ish taste happened to me with few kit wines too. I have done quite a few WOWs - rose and variation of and they never had this problem. I did one kit that tasted like you describe and opened a bottle month later and I can still taste it- a bit better than at the begging but Still there. Reminds me of when you sniff campden tablet. Perhaps it’s the amount of sulphites they provide with the kit? Hoping that it will go after few more months. The WOWs are very easy to do and I have not had any trouble with those :)


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Jul 10, 2020
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Hello there, which one as ive got a few on the go at the moment?
The cellar 7 one in this thread lol 👍😁
You mentioned it tasted a bit vinegary.
I was just having a shufty round the threads and stumbled on this one ;)


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Jul 27, 2020
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yeah the merlot still does taste a tad tangy to be honest. Ive done a Beaverdale Pinot and that tastes like a shop bought one. I think the issue with the Merlot was that i didnt de-gas enough? Im not 100% sure as im new at this, but the Pinot got a serious de-gassing and that tastes really nice. (might just be the brand or a coincidence ?)
Going to stick with the Beaverdale now tho as that kit has turned out better than the Cellar 7 one. Hope that helps?