ChemSan - any good for the C Virus

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Harry Wright

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Jan 30, 2020
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I think the answer is yes. It isn't very good against viruses all it has going for it is a low pH. (I'm assuming starsan and chemsan are interchangeable).

You need a pH of below 3.6 to envelope the virus. Starsan/chemsan is 3.5. Looks like it would need a contact time of about 5 min for a 100 000x reduction in the virus, which isn't great.

John Palmer also states that all brewing sanitisers are ineffective against viruses, the fact that its called a sanitiser and not a disinfectant gives it away.

I think there are probably cheaper/ easier and more effective methods however it will work if you run out of everything else. Bleach would be my go to.
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