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    With Christmas fast approaching, I decided to do a Christmas themed TC
    Actually put it on last month but forgot to post it up :lol:

    3l of Morrison's apple juice
    1l cranberry juice
    Cup of incredibly strong Yorkshire tea
    2tbsp line juice
    1tsp pectolose
    1tsp wine nutrient
    Added table sugar until the OG was 1055 and then added some Young's multi purpose wine and beer yeast and set it going at approx 18-20c for 2 weeks

    Finished at 1010 giving a useful 5.9% abv

    Bottled with 1tsp sugar and half a tsp sweetener per 500ml pet and stored for 1 weeks in the warm and it's now sat maturing in the cold cellar.
    Can't wait to see what this one turns out like,but it isn't red like the cranberry juice. More like a mucky pink... Should be alright, smells like it could be a good un

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