Conditioning in Plastic Growler

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Aug 8, 2019
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I recently bought 4 pints of draught beer from a local bar, which was served in a 4 pint plastic growler.

I bottle my home brew and I'm thinking about trying to condition 4 pints of my next batch in this growler. I'm thinking that there are a couple of benefits to this. It will mean I have 4 fewer bottles to wash and sanitise and I also just think it would be quite cool to be able to take 4 pints to family/friends' without needing to take 4 separate bottles!! :laugh8:

I'm just wondering if there any reasons you guys can think that would make it a bad idea? The growler was able to hold 4 pints of fully carbonated beer, so I'm assuming this shouldn't be an issue? Only other thing I can think of is that the last pint poured from the growler will likely be fairly hazy/yeasty due to the sediment settled at the bottom, but this is something I'm happy to put up with.


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Aug 7, 2013
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Royal Hamlet of Peckham. London.
There shouldnt be a problem. I have a few 1L growlers. I was able to open the growler pour a pint and close it again. It would still be fairly well carbed the following day.

If your planning to drink all four pints in one session just pour it smoothly into a 2L-3L jug leaving the sediment in the growler. So no hazy last pint

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