Coopers Lager issue - more yeast?

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Jun 10, 2019
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So, I started off a 15 year old coopers Lager kit, replacing the yeast provided with California common. The LME seemed good, if a little dark and it started to ferment quite well.

Sg was 1.040, and fermentation appears to have stuck at 1.029.

It did get cold in the garage - down to 12 degrees, so I've moved it onto the dining room table in an attempt to get the yeast to spark again, to no avail over the last 24 hours.

Should I pitch a new yeast sachet, to give it a boost, or is it a slow working yeast that needs to come out of its cold induced stupor?

Incidentally, its had a citra hop teabag (25g) floating in it for the past few days too and the testing sample - while sweet - tasted amazing. I plan to add liberty hops a few days before bottling to ramp the hopiness up again!

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