Drip Tray for Keezer

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Aug 2, 2020
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After many months of kitchen roll on the garage floor to catch drips and overflow, and deliberating on how to attach a drip tray without making a mess of the keezer, I finally got round to doing something about it and thought I'd post the results in case others face a similar dilemma.

Drip tray was £29.99 from BrewKegTap (thanks as always to Jonny at BKT). Door / Wall mounted Drip Tray

I mounted it onto a cheap piece of pine from B&Q (wax finish as per pic) which was simple enough, but the real win was using velcro strips to attach to the keezer (see pic below). These went straight onto the back of the wood mount and to the keezer, and are strong enough (4x of them) to hold the drip tray and a full pint without a hint of movement, and of course then prevent any drilling of the fridge itself.

I'm sure others have found effective ways to do this but thought I'd share as feel like it ended up pretty good!



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