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Feb 28, 2016
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You know when your beers are starting to get a bit funky and you don't mean them to go that way? And you get slated in competition because there was most likely an underlying infection? (Ohhhh is that what that flavour is??!?! Like it wasn't horrible at all ,but once you taste it you go 'OHHH'! ) - And I'm very careful with my cleaning, using only the Grainfather cleaner and PBW, but sometimes, it's just not cutting it. Time for a deep clean!

Got myself some Enzybrew, did a CIP with the Kegland spray head, brilliant piece of plastic that is! and holy cow, the amount of 'stuff' that was in the Grainfather pump and counterflow chiller, wow.
Stuff is expensive so probably won't use it all the time, or lessen up the dosage rate , but wow.
The Oyster Boys did a review of Enzybrew with the Kegland spray head in a YouTube video recently and I was also astounded at the amount of crud it seemed to shift!

I used some Enzybrew on my GF30 fermenter and it seemed to bring it back up to new standard - it completely shifted the white chalky deposits which I had assumed were the start of beerstone (although it may have been something else). I decided to try and 3D-print a CIP sprayer, but all the public designs I could find just had too much friction to perform properly with the low power pump in the G30. The Kegland one is now on my shopping list.
I decided to buy some after reading this, I thought I’d given it a good clean after the last brew, it appears not and you can’t see all the crud in the bottom 😳

I use enybrew 10 on my g70 and Pressure Fermenters brings them up to newish condition I tend to run it through my g70 and Counter flow chiller every few weeks I get it 10kg a time from Murphy’s.

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