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Discussion in 'General Recipe Discussion' started by Hengoedbrewer, Feb 8, 2019.

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    Hello everyone

    I am hoping to return to brewing very soon after a LONG gap due to us having our first child, a house move and renovation, and various other boring life stuff. I have come up with an idea for an extract citra ipa; this will be the first attempt at my own recipe. Any feedback on the recipe would be massively appreciated. It was originally going to be a citra-galaxy combo but have decided against that 1) as I am a huge fan of citra, and just about any single hop commercial beer of it I have had has been excellent.... 2) to try and cut down the cost of 3 lots of hops!

    The recipe is here...

    My proposed method for the recipe is below.

    1. Steep Chrystal malt in 6L bottled water at 67c for 30 mins. Remove grains and bring liquid to boil.

    2. Add half DME at beginning of boil.

    3. Add hops as per schedule. Add remaining DME once wort has cooled to 80c.

    4. Add late hops at 80c and let stand for 20 mins before beginning cooling (sink of cold water).

    5. Top up fermenter to 21L.

    6. Wait for wort to cool to 20c and pitch Mangrove Jack's M44 yeast, ferment at 18-19c using Inkbird in water bath for 2-3 weeks.

    7. Add 70g Citra 3 days before bottling as dry hop.

    Thanks in advance!!

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