Fruitcake Barleywine

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    This barleywine is a recipe from basic brewing, [ame][/ame].

    My version is as follows, it's biab and I think the maths was for 4.5L only my 2nd ag brew so my volumes were off. Notes say I got 9L pre-boil, 7.2L in fermenter and 5.6L bottled (17 x 330 mls), this method and size of beer created a heap of trub/yeast sediment.

    2.16 kg marks otter,
    50g crystal malt,
    25g special B malt,
    Mash in 7.2L water at 65C for an hour.
    Dunk spare in 2.9L water heated to 76C.

    Boiled for an hour. Pre-boil 1.062
    8.15g brewers gold (6.6%aa) at 60 mins
    68g dark brown sugar at 30 mins
    38g black treacle at 30 mins
    Dried fruit at 10 mins (20g cranberry, 30g apricot, 25g raisin, 45g currant, 20g glace cherry, 30g mixed peel)
    2 tsp mixed spice at 5 mins

    Fermented with safale s-04 but I pitched the yeast from my 4L batch of ESB (also a basic brewing recipe). OG 1.092, FG 1.016, abv 10.8% using the brewers friend alternative formula.

    I left this in primary for 4 weeks, meant to be 3 but then I was busy. It was bottled 27/8/16 with 22g sugar for very low carbonation. Tried 2 bottled so far, one at the end of October and another mid November, both tasty but obviously still young. Reminded me of innes and gunn but bigger. Tbh I'm not sure what a barleywine shold taste like so I'm not sure if the fruit and spice come through, given that I&G is wood aged the fruit and spice might give similar flavours.

    Should be good for Christmas and the probably better next Christmas if I can hide a few bottles.
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    Thanks for this. I might try it next year for Christmas.

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