FV slurry as yeast nutrient

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Oct 2, 2019
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At present, i do not use yeast nutrient.

I've read a few posts that suggest using slurry as nutrient.

I’m all for reuse (I’ve been swapping spent grain for eggs from a local chicken owner - result!)

It seems too easy, so am I missing something obvious?

Many of the posts refer to kveik yeast, so is this specific to that type? (Can’t imagine that’s the case so probably my understanding)

By slurry, I would be referring to the whole sludge you get at the bottom of the FV.

I don’t dry hop, so this will be just yeast plus whatever hop, protein and break material comes from the boil.

Do I just pour this into a jar and keep in the fridge until needed?

Is there a recommended “use before” timescale?

How much should I use for an addition to a pre boil volume of about 14 litres?

Do I just spoon it in at -15 mins?

Anything else I’ve missed?

Disadvantages / things to watch out for?


An Ankoù

Feb 2, 2019
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Brittany, France
If you're going to use slurry as yeast, you've got to denature the yeast content so that it doesn't mess with your pitched yeast. I think throwing a measure into the last ten minutes of the boil would be the way to do this. I haven't done it as a teaspoon of yeast nutrient from a tub seems more convenient. I think, if I were using yeast as nutrient I'd top-crop and then chuck some of that into the boil to avoid redissolving old cold-break protein and clouding the beer.
All this is speculative, as I've never done it, though.