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Crafty Brewer
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Dec 24, 2013
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My original gas manifold has finally succumbed to a significant leak. It was second hand when I got it several years ago and was leaking via the regulator. I managed to remove the fixed regulator from the gas board and found some push fit connectors that enabled me to connect to a bottle mounted regulator I already had. This worked ok but it has always had a very slow leak (dropped pressure in the line overnight with the cylinder turned off). So not a big deal as I don't leave the gas on all the time.
But recently the leak had got worse and the line was emptying in a few seconds and there was an audible hiss from the board.

So time to sort it out, luckily I had foreseen this happening and had bought a spare gas board of the same type. On this one I was able to use the on board regulator as it came with a hose to connect to the cylinder. Easy swap over as it was exactly the same design so all the gas lines fitted without any alteration (phew), and it is still holding pressure.

Picture showing the new board under a pressure test prior to fitting.


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