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The Diane Abbott mess combined with the stance on Gaza is damaging the Labour votes
I think most labour voters would love to see the back of her she was an embarrassment in those interviews where she didn't know the figures so instead of admiting it she tried to bluff her way through it was cringeworthy viewing.
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Just had one load knocking the door like idiots,my dogs went mental. Woke me up off nights...Good job I never got up to them.
They're all rubbish.
I think most labour voters would love to see the back of her she was an embarrassment in those interviews where she didn't know the figures so instead of admiting it she tried to bluff her way through it was Cringworthy viewing.

Fair point but the way she has been demonised over her possibly ill judged comments has been harsh, she has done lots of great work in many areas over the years and been a trailblazer in many aspects, it would have been nice if she was invited to step down with grace an dignity and tanked for her years of service, the way labour have tossed her overboard could be seen as a concern or could be spun to show a ruthless determination to rule, for me that is a slippery slope and drags the party too much to the right.
Just because the dinosaurs of the Tory party are lurching further to right day by day, Labour should remember their core values, the fact that trade unions are sensing a watering down on workers rights is deeply concerning.
History shows that when Labour tries to move to centre right it has major consequences, I seen first hand Tony Blair privatise major critical defence areas in one stroke where Maggie had failed several times. I watched as the glut of PFI schools and hospitals went up with crippling long term costs that ruined local authorities having to pay £1000 to get a light bulb changed!
The rise of the SNP was not just about independence, many are still unsure to be fair but when Scottish Labour descended into farce and moved to unionist views this gave the electorate only one choice who remained left of centre. Yes this may be reversed this time around as the SNP imploded, but it was hammered home moving too far away from grass roots and siding with Tory's on the indy ref smashed a huge and loyal Labour support in Scotland, I grew up with the standing joke anyone or anything could be voted into office as long as they had a red rosette.

I actually want the Tory's out and Labour is the only real way to do that but just concerned they are trying too hard to show they can govern and not stand for what they say they believe in the comedown on the green promises i do get due to mess of the country's finances, BUT it was a major part of their campaign much like workers rights now the noise is this must be watered down to please business.
The fairer Taxation system they have discussed but no one actually says what this will mean in practise, the we will see when we are in power answer was not a good optic.

It wont happen with broken first past the post system but independent parties are on the rise and MAY split the big 2 more than many think.

Things used to be far more simple if you had

right wing ideology vote Tory
left wing ideology vote Labour
centrist ideology vote Liberal

Now it gets hard to tell who is who
I agree it was time for her to go but not in the way they did

According to KS she has not been barred -

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has denied Diane Abbott has been barred from standing for the party.

Sir Keir said the ex-shadow home secretary's suspension from the party had been lifted but no decision had been taken on whether she could be a Labour candidate at the election.

Earlier, Ms Abbott told the BBC she had been barred from standing for Labour.

She was suspended last year for saying Jewish, Irish and Traveller people do not face racism "all their lives".

On Tuesday it was revealed her suspension had been lifted following an investigation.
fair point but if you do a search on most long serving MPs you will find many bloopers.

We dont need to search she did it so often it was all over the news and was unavoidable, i only posted four examples i could have posted loads.
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BBC News Summary

  1. Labour leader Keir Starmer says Diane Abbott has not been barred from standing as a Labour candidate, hours after the veteran MP said she had
  2. Abbott texted a BBC reporter earlier to say she'd been banned from standing for Labour - but Starmer says "no decision has been taken"
  3. The long-serving MP was suspended last year for saying Jewish, Irish and Traveller people do not face racism "all their lives"
  4. She apologised shortly after making the comments and has been readmitted as a Labour MP
  5. Meanwhile, Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer agree to the first head-to-head election TV debate next week - on ITV at 21:00 on Tuesday
  6. On the campaign trail, Rishi Sunak says he'll scrap some university courses in England and instead fund 100,000 apprenticeships a year
  7. Labour says it'll get the NHS to do more out-of-hours work and use the private sector to tackle England's NHS waiting lists
  8. The SNP say they're putting "pressure" on Labour to nationalise Network Rail, and in Wales the Lib Dems pledge to increase the agriculture budget
I think you need to look why she had the whip taken off of her and it was not for her many bloopers
This was just posted on GB News and its spot on -

regarding Diane Abbott, she is racist, she has previously been forced to apologise about the comments about white people. if she was white and the roles were reversed, she would have been sacked immediately. EDITED
Again, I have to point out that one should read the post properly. I have never mentioned this upcoming election but the following election. Also, it is no good to cherry-pick popularity polls, there are plenty of other polls suggesting he is a preferred candidate to lead the Tory Party.
You should read my post properly - my point was that appointing Farage would not do the Tories any good, as he's just not that popular among the voters they need to get back. So he would be another Truss - wildly popular among the members, disaster among the public. So what's the point?

And that's aside from all the conditions that would need to happen before he could be in a position to be elected leader of the Tories. Remember he is the majority shareholder of Reform, which the Tories currently (and bizarrely) regard as their biggest rivals, so he couldn't just join the Tories as an ordinary member, there would have to be some kind of merger with Reform, which would be fiercely opposed by the centrist Tory MPs who would rightly see a merger with Reform as the end of the Tories as we know them. So we will have to see how the balance of power within the Tories shakes out after the election - there's still a lot of centrists in the Parliamentary party, and it seems that the need to appoint a lot of candidates at the last minute will put a lot of power in the hands of CCHQ at the expense of local members who are generally more hard-right.
Remember it is his influence that swayed the Brexit vote
But he's yesterday's man. He is wholly associated with Brexit, which has gone so well that the Tories are trying really hard not to mention it at all this time, when it was the centrepiece of their last campaign. He's tried a second act by focussing Reform on immigration, but they may well not even win a seat, partly because immigration is not in the top 3 issues that people are worried about. They want answers on the economy, NHS and the cost of living, and Farage has almost nothing to say on those matters.
and in his words, he didn't realise that those negotiating on behalf of the UK could be any worse negotiating the Brexit terms worse than those negotiating on behalf of the EU.
The Tories did not do a good job at the negotiation, but the fundamental reason was that our hand was so weak.
Voters get disappointed very quickly, remember the Tories were swamped down with Covid, the mishandling of Brexit, and the war in Ukraine.
I don't think you realise just how widely hated they are right now - and how exhausted they are as a party. If it wasn't for Corbyn and Brexit they would have lost in 2019, as it is they survived 2019 only to be destroyed in 2024. This is going to be one of those generational elections like 1979 and 1997 where the opposition ends up in such disarray that they lose two if not three elections on the bounce - if they even survive at all in their current form.

Starmer could murder David Attenborough on national TV and Labour would still win the 2028/9 election, that's how bad things are for the Tories.
I don't understand why F*rage gets so much news coverage. He's not an MP. He's not running for election. He's not running a campaign or a party and he doesn't offer any useful insights - he just whinges about things.

Essentially he's completely irrelevant, yet gets more coverage than party leaders. He must have a lot of friends in news outlets.
I think it is the luxury of not having to back your gob up because you know you'll never get in. remember when brexit vote was yes. BOJO was like oh 💩 what do we do now? - And disappeared for a few days.

I like his style with regards of shaking up the political status quo, however the there never seems to be anyone competent to take advantage of the re-arranging of the blocks to our benefit.

Maybe I should start the 'boring but competent' party. nobody would vote for me because I sound too boring. - Our manifesto not to cockup stuff and whatever we do must be done competently. We care nothing about the media, only what paying attention to those individuals who get in touch with us. I would allow more binding referenda swiss style.
I can imagine that Katy whatserface has something to say.
Vile woman.

She's persona non grata on every station. Even G Beebies won't touch her. She's so right wing, she's just attacked Farage.
I have no idea who the people are who go to see her show.
Kate Hoey
I think he’s talking about Katie Hopkins.

Kate Hoey was considered quite far left in her younger days wasn’t she, although she‘s gone a bit Tory in her views in her old age.
I thought it was related to N. Ireland politics. Kate Hoey has started sharing a stage with the TUV. So very much right wing, anti protocol.

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