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Jul 10, 2018
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Hi guys

Just another point to throw into the hat, it's not always about the physical weights on a parcel either... a plastic 60ltr fermenting barrel weighs nothing but it's a big old thing and couriers use something called "volumetric weight"... if I remember right it's the LxWxD/5000 and it produces a different weight which can sometimes skew a shipping charge for the sender.

We have a maximum of 30kg per parcel for our pricing but even then we're encourage to try and keep it at around 5kg per parcel... so we often subside deliveries, especially multi box consignments as we only ever charge one delivery fee yet we get charged per box like GEB. It's a minefield, you're often damned if you do and damned if you don't.

Regards Amazon... awesome choice for the consumer, amazing service levels until they're struggling themselves and the metrics are relaxed, not always the best value for the consumer though. I could go on about marketplaces but they're here to stay and we all use them for the convenience they bring :) Bizarely though despite the amount of parcels Amazon send out, if you yourself are a prime warehouse you have to use Amazon shipping rates for certain couriers which we get charged more for than we would shipping on our own courier accounts with the same couriers...bonkers :) That cost is then built into the sell price on a marketplace... so really there is no free shipping, anywhere... it's always built into the price you pay regardless of where you shop.

Have a great long weekend everyone.
Price cloaking!

The difference between the price you pay Amazon and the price they pay the couriers is just another mark up. It also means their competitors can't negotiate with couriers and their prices.