Ginger beer and supermalt

Discussion in 'General Recipe Discussion' started by Krone9, Nov 24, 2018.

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    She who must be obeyed has started to Express her displeasure at the amount of brewing paraphenalia around the place. Particularly bottled.

    She is however very partial to ginger beer and supermalt.

    I'm trying to find recipes for how to make these - in particular a specific amount of sugar for ginger beer so they won't explode in the bottle (most recipes I can find say to use screwtops and undo them periodically but I want to cap them and forget about them). Other twist is that they cant be alcoholic at the moment - any suggestions?

    I'm running out of places to hide the beer - please help!
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    When someone else asked for a Ginger Beer recipe to suit their wife I gave them this recipe for "Bourru" which is made and sold in France in the Autumn. However, it can be made at home at any time and it beats Ginger Beer by a country mile.

    Get a litre of Red Grape Juice from Lidl and a 2litre bottle of water.

    Pour out three quarters of the water and pour in the Red Grape Juice.

    Put a quarter packet of wine or beer yeast (bottom fermenting is preferred) into the bottle, tighten up the cap and shake.

    Slack off the cap (it ferments and creates CO2) and leave the bottle in warm dark place for about 24 to 48 hours.

    When the contents are fermenting nicely the bottle should be transferred to the fridge, with the cap still loosened.

    When it is chilled you can drink as much as you like ...

    ... but always leave about an inch in the bottom of the bottle so that all you have to do is to add the grape juice and water, move it to somewhere nice and warm and the process starts all over again. (I have had as many as six consecutive brews from the one quarter packet of yeast!)

    The Bourru kept in the fridge is usually good as a sweet soft drink for about a week. After this time the yeast will have eaten most of the sugar and turned it into alcohol, thereby reducing the sweetness and increasing the alcohol content.

    I kid you not when I say that (especially on hot summer days) it is a favourite drink of my own SWMBO ...

    ... unfortunately, it is left up to me to make it!

    BTW it can also be fed to children in the first couple of days because it is only mildly alcoholic!

    However, if it is Ginger Beer that SWMBO desires then check out the "Recipes" section above. I like the look of the AG one titled Ginger Beer #3 - Citra.
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